Ideas From Glass

Our SEEDECO® Glass Products offer unlimited design potential. They are used in various manufacturing processes and different industrial branches by the architects, landscape architects, landscape gardeners, community and city planners and contractors.

Glass is an amorphous material – solidified from a red-hot molten melt. Because of its unique properties, such as durability, acid resistance, and thermal insulation, glass is an ideal material for manufacturers of the most diverse products.


Always out of the ordinary – nothing commonplace or run of the mill – has been our philosophy ever since the firm was founded. This also reflects our enthusiasm and passion for anything in the construction industry.

Our products are more than just functional, they must appeal to the senses and emotions too. Just like a meal which can do more than merely satisfy hunger: it can explode into a fantastic taste experience. And that is what makes an enormous difference.

With impressive ideas, competence and determined enthusiasm, we create a visually attractive product which satisfies the need for optimal function. But we refuse to rest on our laurels, since as the popular saying has it: “Appetite grows with eating” and continue to strive to beat our customer’s expectations.

Outstanding, lasting results are the outcome of the synergy between research and construction.


  • Intensive color; colourfast
  • Rot-proof and collects no moss
  • Self-cleaning
  • Good heat insulation properties
  • Completely recyclable
  • Excellent acid- and base-resistance
  • High chemical stability
  • Cost & effective maintenance
  • Average product life = minimum 50 years